Tour the Magical City

The day begins walking the streets of Tonala and getting a feel for this Pueblo Magico. 

Go behind the doors and meet the artisans!

Our guide will take you behind the old doors to meet and observe some of the areas most revered artisans. You will watch these generational artists as they create for you. 

Learn the Art of Brunido

Brunido pottery is the heart and soul of Tonala. Once you see it you will recognize it anywhere around the world.

Handmade textiles

Artisans from the Mexican region of Oaxaca are here in Tonala. Their handmade textiles are incredible. Table runners, pillows, camisas and purses are just the beginning of what these artists can do.  

Global Glass Manufactures

Next time you walk into Pottery Barn, Pier One or Urban Outfitters and look at glass ware, you will know exactly where it came from. You can order your own directly from the factory. 

Take it Home

We have arranged to ship anything home for you. If you see something you have to have, buy it! 

We love supporting our artists!