Picturesque Colonial-Style

Walk the cobble stone streets and ease into the gentle style that dates back to the 19th century. The mansions of old now serve as beautiful store fronts selling upscale Mexican arts and crafts. 

The Regional Ceramics Museum

Tour the Museo Regional de la Ceramica and walk the halls of one of Tlaquepaques most iconic structures. Pay close attention to the names on the award-winning ceramic pieces because you may be visiting one of the artists in their workshop. 

Great Food

Excellent cafes and restaurants abound. There is no shortage of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Boutique Shopping

Shop til you drop! You can find Indigenous beaded crafts and one of a kind leather goods. Ceramics, paintings, table linens and souvenirs are some of the most popular items you will find.  

Colonial Center

Even if shopping isn't your thing, you will find plenty to look at just sitting in the Jardin Hidalgo, central plaza and garden. 

Walking Distance

Casa de la Cosecha is literally in the middle of Tlaquepaque Central. you will easily get your "steps" in this day.