your special DAY IN TEQUILA

Traveling to Tequila

We will take our personal van to the town of Tequila. 

Exclusive Tour

We will be visiting one of Tequila's most iconic family's hacienda and distillery.  You will get up close and personal with the entire tequila making process- the way "the grandfathers" did it. We will have lunch and spend a relaxing afternoon talking with the people whose hearts and souls are drenched in tequila. 

City Tour

We will walk the city center and also visit another major tequila distillery so you can learn to appreciate the BIG business that is tequila

YES! More Tequila

As not to play favorites we will visit La Cata tequila cantina and learn about " the other tequilas" 

Agave Fields

You will have an opportunity to see and hopefully walk in the beautiful Blue Weber Agave fields.  

Return Home

You will quickly learn that time is a suggestion in Mexico, but Nicassio will be waiting to drive us back to Tlaquepaque when we are ready.