Make Your Own Ceramics

The day begins by touring not one but two famous Padilla family ceramic workshops. You will go behind the scenes to meet and work with Paco and Rodo Padilla. 

Lunch Time

Nothing is more Mexican than  family lunch time. You will be treated like family in the home of Ana and Paco Padilla enjoying the storytelling, singing and homemade tamales. 

Wrapping it Up

As the week ends you will have several things you want to see again. We will make sure that happens. 

Hasta la Vista Party

We will honor you and your trust in us by giving you a proper Mexican farewell. It's a surprise but we promise that there will be food , music and tequila........

Sharing your Story

In a world of walls, we hope to hear your most memorable moments of the week.  It is our greatest desire to bring more light into your life. 


The proper farewell always involves kissing on the check and hugging... lots of big hugs. So you boys out there, be prepared to wrap em up! Besos.