Arriving and Departing DAy


All major airlines fly into Miguel Hidalgo International Airport, Guadalajara Mexico. 

We will greet you at the airport

You will not have to worry about your transportation to and from the airport. Nicassio has you covered. 

Introduction to Casa de la Cosecha

Once you all get settled, Ana will give you a proper introduction to the house, hand out keys and make sure you know where everything is and how it works. She will also make sure that all of you are connected using WhatsApp.

Introduction to Tlaquepaque

We will give you a quick tour of your new home for the week. We will show you how to exchange money, use the ATM, find a convenience store, pharmacy, etc. We will give you some time to yourself and then meet back up at 8 pm for dinner. (Perhaps this is the time to tell you that breakfast is at 9 AM, lunch is around 2-3 PM and dinner is around 8-9 PM. )

Departure Day

We will be prepared to take you to the airport 2 hours prior to your flight time.  If you have purchased any pottery or any other items that you would like to ship home, you can leave them with Ana and she will pack and ship them to you at your expense. 

Day One Jitters

The most common questions are:  is it safe and what happens if I get sick? Here is what we can say about both.  Be street smart. Use common sense, do not carry large amounts of money and leave your fancy jewelry at home. We have never had any issues but traveling to Tlaquepaque is no different than traveling to any other large city.  You CAN NOT drink the tap water. We have gallons of bottled water in the house that we use for everything including ice. When you are eating out, most all restaurants use bottled water for ice. If you happen to get sick we can refer you to one of several walk-in clinics near the house.